The UGA RCLD provides consultation to referring institutions regarding disability documentation, eligibility and accommodation decisions, and policy and procedure development.

Referring a student to an RCLD for evaluation

Disability service providers seeking to refer a student to the UGA RCLD should begin by downloading the Referral Packet and providing it to the requesting student. Completed packets should be forwarded to the UGA RCLD.

  • Download Section 1
    Section 1 includes the informational letter, the referral packet checklist, the explanation of checklist items, the RCLD refund policy, and the release of information.
  • Download Section 2
    Section 2 includes the case history.
  • Download Section 3
    Section 3 includes the credit card agreement form, several behavioral rating scales, and the Adult History Reading Questionnaire.
  • Download Section 4
    Section 4 is only required if the student is still in high school. Section 4 includes the high school informational letter, the high school referral packet checklist, the high school explanation of checklist items, the RCLD refund policy, and the high school release of information.

Outside Review Services

Disability service providers at referring institutions may send documentation from outside evaluators to the UGA RCLD for review and recommendations regarding student eligibility for disability services and accommodations. For more information about review of outside documentation, see Outside Evaluation Review. Notably, some accommodations for USG requirements must be approved by an RCLD. Students who are requesting those specific accommodations are required to submit documentation to an RCLD for approval. See USG Accommodations for Students With Learning Disorders for more information.

Useful forms include:


This Provisional Accommodations Agreement Template was designed to be used by disability service providers when working with a student who has a history of disability services but lacks documentation that meets eligibility guidelines. This template was designed to ensure that students receiving provisional accommodations on admissions/placement tests (e.g., COMPASS, iSAT) understand that the granted accommodations are limited to the admissions/placement tests only. Disability service providers can edit the template to meet their needs.

Other potentially useful resources.



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