Students accepted to a USG institution

Students enrolled at - or accepted to - a USG institution can schedule an appointment in one of two ways:

  1. Contact the disability office at your college or university to discuss your request for a referral for an evaluation at the UGA RCLD and to access an application packet or...
  2. If it is not possible to meet with your disability service provider, download the referral packet from this website.

Note: Evaluation of students under the age of 18 requires parent consent.

Non-USG students

Non-USG students are sometimes eligible for evaluations at the UGA RCLD. To schedule an appointment, non-USG students should contact the UGA RCLD to determine if non-USG students are currently being accepted for evaluation. If they are, the student may download the referral packet from the website or request that a referral packet be mailed to you.

Note: Evaluation of students under the age of 18 requires parent consent.

Completing the packet and getting scheduled

Complete all required components of the referral packet and as many optional components as possible.
Return the completed packet and payment to the UGA RCLD or to your disability service provider who will then forward it to the UGA RCLD. Once the referral packet arrives at the UGA RCLD, the UGA RCLD will contact the student to schedule the first of two evaluation appointments.

Important notes:

  • If important information is missing from the packet, the UGA RCLD will request the information from the student prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • Payment (or Vocational Rehabilitation Authorization for Services form) is due prior to scheduling.
  • Evaluations are scheduled throughout the fiscal year rather than the academic calendar.
  • All information will be kept as confidential as state and federal regulations allow.
  • Evaluations are conducted at the UGA RCLD.



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