Evaluation Phases I and II

At the intake that occurs at the beginning of the evaluation, the student and parents (if the student is under the age of 18) must give permission in writing in order for the student to be evaluated. Once obtained, the UGA RCLD follows a two phase evaluation process:

Day I: Clinical interview, testing of academic achievement in core areas (i.e., reading, math, and written language), and self-report questionnaires. This appointment lasts 4-5 hours.
Day II: A battery of tests to assess a student's cognitive and linguistic processing abilities, as well as other psychological factors that might impact learning. This appointment also lasts 4-5 hours.


After the evaluation is complete:

  • The UGA RCLD reviews the results and provides telephone feedback, typically in about one week.
  • A comprehensive report is written.
  • The student is offered a feedback session with a staff member. The session typically lasts from one to two hours. In this session, the staff member will provide the written report, review the test results, make recommendations for academic accommodations and other support services, and answer any questions. The student may bring anyone to the session. This report will not be shared with anyone else without the student's written permission.
  • Some students prefer to have the report mailed to them and conduct the feedback over the telephone due to travel considerations.



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