An access statement on a course syllabus, program flyer, web page, or other literature can encourage students to disclose their disability-related needs in a timely manner and allow faculty to become involved in the students instruction early in the course.

Sample Access Statements


  • If you anticipate issues related to the format or requirements of this course, please meet with me. I would like us to discuss ways to ensure your full participation in the course. If you determine that formal, disability-related accommodations are necessary, it is very important that you be registered with Disability Resources (number;www….) and notify me of your eligibility for reasonable accommodations. We can then plan how best to coordinate your accommodations.
  • If you have a disability and require classroom accommodations, please see me after class or make an appointment during office hours.
  • If you plan to request accommodations for a disability, please register with the Disability Resource Center (name of disability services program on campus) at (address, phone number, email).
  • The (insert program or department name) is committed to providing access for all people with disabilities and will provide accommodations if notified.
  • This program follows the regulations outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Call (name, department, address, phone number) for information regarding architectural access and arranging for
  • sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, large print, audio, or Braille.

Inaccessible Buildings

  • Alternate access arranged for people with limited mobility. Please call (name, department, address, phone number) by (date) for specific requests.
  • Wheelchair access is located at (southwest) entrance. Parking available in (lower lot).

Programs and Events

  • To request a sign language interpreter or assistive listening device, call (name, department, address, phone number) by (date). (This statement not only welcomes deaf and hard of hearing individuals to your event, but also sets a realistic period for interpreter service requests).

Written Materials or Publications

  • This document is available in large print, electronic format, or Braille. For information, please contact the editor.



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